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Tamarin Health is leading the industry in creating decentralized technology that works for real-world healthcare applications. Our APIs are the product of client-driven demands for transparency between healthcare organizations that share critical patient data. Aletheia is a straightforward event-logging API that increases trust between data-sharing partners. 

With Aletheia, you can store an immutable history of your application events, including the state of complete data objects. This enables an audit-able trail of data access and changes using public immutable blockchains like Ethereum and Nexus. To get started create an account and use our interactive interface to explore our APIs. 

Our APIs


Health Audit v.1

an event application logging API that leverages the Ethereum blockchain

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Aletheia v.1

 currently only available to our development partners, this API will adds efficient search and data tampering detection to Health Audit API

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Custom API

Need a custom API using a different blockchain protocol or interface? 

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Health Audit v.1 is an intuitive event logging API that provides a secure interface for storing messages comprised of cryptographic hashes and related meta-data. In the example, we are storing the keccak256 hash of a JSON data object representing a discreet request for patient data through our application.  

This data is stored in the event log of a corresponding smart-contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The return value of this API call is the block number and transaction hash that can be used to find this event on the blockchain.  

POST /log

"logtype": "app",
"level": "INFO",
"tags": "patient request",
"user": "CCv2.1",
"message": "0x58e5a1c7fbc849eddc100d44e86276168a8
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"We recognize the importance of working together with others in order to drive innovation in healthcare..."
Kat Kuzmeskas

CEO at Tamarin Health

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